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Our Salute to the Awesome!

From Solid Cat: Banana Diarama
Wonder Woman
From the original character, to the movie, to the new actress playing her in said movie, Wonder Woman is awesome, and it's about time everyone realized it.

No external link. Just enjoy us gush on the show.

To Wonder Woman, for proving naysayers wrong for decades, we salute you. PAWS UP!

From Solid Cat: Spring Break
A group of Estonian students discovered that children are involved in more than a thousand accidents a year at school, in the home, in playgrounds, or on the roads, and are often left "injured, in a state of shock, or just in need of comfort." So they set up the "Trauma Teddy" charity, which aims to put two teddies in each Estonian police car and border patrol vehicle, and the police and border guards have readily agreed to the plan.

Read about it at here.

To Estonia, for thinking about the children, we salute you. PAWS UP!

From Solid Cat: Creepy AF
MIT Media Lab
People are amazed by slow-mo videos capturing ultra-fast movement at around 70,000 frames per second, but what if I told you a new imaging system can capture images at 1,000,000,000,000 fps (as in one trillion)?

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab have developed an imaging system that captures images at such a high temporal resolution that the movement of light can be visualized. Yes, that's right, you can actually see photons travel through space!

See the video at Diply here.

To MIT Media, for reminding us that science freakin' rules, we salute you. PAWS UP!

From Solid Cat: Dawn of Justice
What are the odds that you'll be stationed in Antarctica, try Tinder to pass the time, and actually find something? You swipe right, they swipe right. It's a match made in a cold, cold, desolate place. But they might start a new fire because of Tinder (see what I did there?).

Read more about it at New York Magazine here.

To Tinder, for hooking people up, even at the South Pole, we salute you. PAWS UP!

From Solid Cat: InuYasha Spoilers
Samir Lakhani
When American student, Samir Lakhani, was in Cambodia and saw a local woman washing her child with detergent, he was horrified. But then he thought of a place he could get large quantities of leftover soap free of charge. Two years later, due to his soap-recycling efforts, he's already supplying villagers with a safe way to keep clean, and also with jobs.

Read more about it at BBC News here.

To Samir Lakhani, for seeing a problem, and finding a solution, we salute you. PAWS UP!

From Solid Cat: Season Five Premiere
George Spiropoulos
Truly one of the good guys who left us way too soon, George Spiropoulos was loved by all, who gave to others without hesitation, and without expectation of repayment. May his memory be eternal.

Read George's obituary at here.

To George Spiropoulos, for being awesome, now and always, we salute you. PAWS UP!

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