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Solid Cat: Not Cocaine
It's Spring Break season at Solid Cat. We explain western vs. eastern christianity, which leads to Jewish calendars, which leads to crossword puzzles, which leads to purposeful misspellings, which leads to Under Armour, which leads to Shoe Talk with D-mo & Val. Don't you just love stream of consciousness podcasting? Say hi to Rocket the Rusty Rocket. Killer tombstones need David Caruso. James Van Der Beek is a good-looking man. There is a super brief Michael Sheen retrospective, and we agree that Alan Rickman will always been Snape. Chocolate ganache in the Space Cowboy Kitchen. It's time for the Solid Cat General Apology. D-mo and Val talk about their dreams, and will God smite Val with a plague of baboons? Things that are not cocaine: sno-balls, Mexican Coke, curry, and white lady. Or are they? The credits are high as a kite on Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: Gay Camels
The Getty Villa, the Griffith Observatory, and El Capitan Theatre... man, Solid Cat is all over Los Angeles. First off, as a good rule of thumb, don't throw a punch at your producer. Depression lies. In 1998, D-mo made Lisa Loeb the Green Lantern; this was favorited by Lisa Loeb herself on Twitter in 2015. Val got kicked in the face; literally a foot to the face. We have fun historical facts about Magellan. Mr. T pities the tool; yes, the tool. Camels go missing in Missouri; they may or may not be gay; Cher may or may not be involved. The Most Interesting Man in the World can't get you out of a carpool violation ticket. What is the "Most Canadian Photo Ever?" We review the new live action Cinderella, and following that up with a review of Greenblatt's deli in the Space Cowboy Kitchen. We play Superfight again on Solid Cat Game Night, and we're sorry for any relationships we may have broken up due to our gameplay. Editors! Do you job! And we end with Val making fun of how D-mo runs. What's up with that? This is Solid Cat.

Solid Cat: Fat Americans
We may be fat, but ain't ugly here at Solid Cat. D-mo loves tenacious pinatas. Zoe is known more for silent terror (she's screaming on the inside). Are nail spas modern-day brothels? We visit the Getty Villa to start a grand tour of Los Angeles. Want to start a conversation, wear a Flash t-shirt. Famous people and people who portray them on film. Will Smith takes us to John Wayne who takes us to Hollywood whitewashing and yellowface, as John Wayne played Genghis Khan in a movie. Yes, that Genghis Khan. Of course, the worst yellowface was Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's. What is moleology? Heard of urine-repellant paint? We have the world's first penis transplant. In the Space Cowboy Kitchen, we review the ice cream of Milk, on Beverly. At The Counter, they sell a beer float. Yes, bear with ice cream. Let's celebrate the ninja. How awesome would a real-life Studio Ghibli-Land be? Val is like a songbird... or a whore siren (her words). And yes, from Albania to Zimbabwe, Solid Cat is 100 country strong. #BOOM

Solid Cat: No One Suspect the Stegosaurus
Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. Val always thought Spock was hot. But we do have a full show of Solid Cat today. Burritos are Mexican food, but breakfast burritos are not. Did Val nail her Oscar pick? Catwoman is bisexual now. Ever wonder what it sound like Val won't let D-mo finish a sentence? We have 5 minutes of it, and in the end, D-mo may not have made his point. Val says her ethnicity is "Freckled-American." Lots of news this week including a belly bounce, backhoes, snooker, stolen log cabins, a terror owl, and drive-by eggings. Solid Cat Game Night returns with Superfight. In the Space Cowboy Kitchen, we learn how to cut a cake, how to pour ketchup from a bottle, and how to eat a hamburger, according to science. From the Dojo, we have perhaps the greatest product review on Amazon. Someone is shipping snow and fun and profit. And then there is a radioactive Loch Ness Monster. Only on Solid Cat.

Solid Cat: Not Impressed
Hit the lights and sirens, it's time for Solid Cat! Seriously, what's with all the cops up in our peaceful, little hamlet? Let's talk about Aquaman. Sexy, hunky Aquaman; hey, Jason Momoa is a good looking man. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! What's with all the dinner parties we're having? D-mo says Girl Scouts are getting militant with their cookie sales. Solid parenting tips from Solid Cat. Is topless women throwing mayonnaise a big issue in Belarus? Canadians are not impressed. Premier League chat. #zeromalice. Thai Salad in the Space Cowboy Kitchen. Ten Things with Val about the past being utterly disgusting. A gem trader is marrying off fatherless women in India, and it's a good thing. And we throw in a little Oscar talk, which is funny, because we didn't see any of the movies. It's how we roll at Solid Cat!

After two months... SOLID CAT RETURNS! Pro tip: Back up your hard drive onto an external drive. Trust me on this one. The new computer in Solid Cat Studios was more of like a Time Lord regeneration. Happy Valentine's Day! Val is mildly disappointed that Sherlock and John aren't gay, and D-mo drops an interesting theory on Moriarty's return. We talk about Jane Austen for no good reason. Colin Firth looks great for his age; Kenny Rogers looks like a troll. Why was Peppa Pig banned? Carrying a basilisk in your pocket is a flawed idea. We explore fun, yet dangerous, national parks. Can a kangaroo be a service animal? It'll be "Undie Sunday" in Bakersfield, aka Condorstown, with a 50 Shades of Gray twist. Speaking of, Sexytime with D-mo & Val returns as well this week. And 109 year old guy makes sweaters for penguins, and we try to decide where the cut off is between "horribly dated" and "classic." You've missed us, and we've missed you. It's time to strap on a brand new Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: My Dad's Nuts
It's 12/13/14 at Solid Cat (unless you live outside North America, then never mind). D-mo was a roofer today... because, rain. Val can't stop yawning. There is no war on Christmas. Wanna put the Christ in Christmas, then feed the poor. You should say "Happy 2015" all year long. Charades are always an adventure. (Correction: Dar es Salaam is not the capital of Sudan as said on the show. It was the capital of Tanzania until 1996. Our bad). High speed cow chase. Not cop chase, a cow chase, though cops were involved. Abby Normal. Then we talk about "the Sexy," with banned sex acts on British porn and we settle Butts vs. Boobs. Sex is like a credit card: you get the enjoyment now, but you have to pay for later... with interest. We have the most offensively name foods on the planet (seriously, what are 6 Faggots in Gravy? It can't be real). In the finish, a Finnish kid is running for office, and Val dusts off the Sailor Moon. Moon Prism Power, Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: Turkey & Taxes
Happy Thanksgiving from Solid Cat. To start, corporate greed saved D-mo's father's life - it's a heartwarming tale of capitalism. Val transitions this into a discussion of a flat tax, and D-mo suggests we eliminate income tax completely. But then the comedy kicks in. Legos are washing up on beaches. Wolves in France, tigers in China, and Putin on point. There was some Black Friday expeditioning and a lack of turkey leftovers. We have the instant classic of Bing and Bowie. What is a lumbersexual? Val's friend Caryn is our validation for intellectual jokes. And then... there is a turkey reaper, as in an actual turkey in the role of Grim Reaper. Only on Solid Cat.

Solid Cat: Tickle Cock Bridge
Solid Cat... the hour long show that always takes 90 minutes. Why did God call D-mo today? Our daughter has rock star hours. Also, her personal library would rival the children's section in most public libraries. Was Marie Antoinette the catalyst for the Industrial Revolution? Was Marie Antoinette a cosplayer? Fun fact: since Solid Cat has been broadcasting, UCLA has never lost to USC in the big game. Coincidence? D-mo really is the Spirit of Aloha. Then there is the Bug-a-salt: it's weird, but awesome. Is Winnie the Pooh of "dubious sexuality"? Someone is blessing the asses of single ladies so they can get husbands. Swedes don't have a word for female masturbation and are working to remedy that. We have the best pick-up lines that don't work. We have bonus content in the Space Cowboy Kitchen and Paws Up! Finally, at the end of the show, Val just loses it. Every once in a while, Val is reduced to a laughing mess, and when she does, it's awesome to behold. And it happened on this week's Solid Cat.

Solid Cat: Things That Creep Val Out
One of our new taglines is: Come laugh, come be informed, come be offended. And boy did we hit all three on this week's Solid Cat. Playing Chutes and Ladders for cash is downright cutthroat. We have been downloaded in 48 of 50 U.S. States (I'm looking at you Alaska and Vermont). We're fun together. Necrophilia and Narcolepsy are two different things; Val has one of them. Razors: whatever D-mo saved in cash, he paid for in blood. Learn how to tie a tie would ya! Pico Rivera is chock full of archers. "Maybe he's the Malcolm Merlyn to my Ollie Queen?" Things that creep the hell out of Val are raisins in baked goods and spaces between walls. RIP Zoboomafoo. D-mo is also a fashion designer. A pair of apple pie inspired recipes in the Kitchen. Cinnebon Vodka! Teutonic and tectonic are two different things, and a geology joke leads to German efficiency which leads to how Hitler may have been responsible for Israel. What? So after that, let's end with a Dick Tracy movie reference. I await your angry tweets and e-mail. This is Solid Cat.

Solid Cat 100: We're Like Jesus
Solid Cat One Hundred! And for some reason, Val said we're like Jesus. Sure, let's run with that. WWD&VD? This show, like all of them, is a crapshoot. Does "shooting the shit" come from plunking cowpies with a squirrel gun? Val is reading the 17th century version of Urban Dictionary... for fun. Holy cow, Sherlock is sooo much better than Elementary. What the hell happened in the Doctor Who finale? Two words: Master Falconer. Butter. The Space Cowboy Kitchen returns. What does Picasso have to do with cupcakes? Know your fundamentals. In addition to doing this podcast for 100 episodes, we were on the radio, real radio, for three years; you'd think we'd better than this. We saw a movie on opening weekend (WHAT?), and we review Big Hero 6. D-mo lets his comic book nerd spill all over the place. We list our Top 5 Disney movies. Val lists the ten reasons you can't get a stiffy (hey floppy guy at the gangbang, listen up). #sniffyourtears Why does D-mo have an unhealthy obsession towards Canada? After 100 episodes, we are like Jesus is that our words are just as widespread across the globe as his! Now stand back, Solid Cat is about to be smote by the Almighty.

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