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Solid Cat: Hot Drunks
Solid Cat is loaded with drunks and lies today. D-mo & Val are finishing each other's words and it's gross. Thar she doesn't blow! It's Beard Chat time! Proven fact: people don't like D-mo with just a mustache; it's full beard or nothing. The Space Cowboy Kitchen starts early as we toss back a buttered scotch, a buttered rum, and a hot toddy. In the news, a carpenter-turned-shaman makes D-mo wonder if someone has a Jesus Complex, and why is a man in a bear costume harassing real bears? It's General Apology time! Ten Things with Val teaches you how to spot a liar. "If there is one thing this show does, it promotes literacy." Viva Spock Vegas as we celebrate taking a chance on a whim. D23 Expo just happened and we wonder why other media companies don't do their own branded conventions. D-mo explains "social capital" and Val begs for #nohashtag. If you like listening in a random conversation between two smart people, we present Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: Potato Chips
Solid Cat is highly opinionated today. Monologues and dialogues are two different things. A funny biathlon joke turns into a weird Olympics diatribe (really, Los Angeles should always just host it). No refunds on Ugandan brides. A town emerges from the watery depths of Lake Mead. Don't pray for rain; pray for snow. Skinny jeans hospitalize a woman, which derails the show into a denim rant. Clothes shopping for larger consumers is usually heartbreaking. Val devises a new women's jeans sizing system (copyright Solid Cat. Patent Pending). Lay's Taste of America chips are ranked in the Space Cowboy Kitchen. If you want to jump on the Solid Cat bandwagon, listeners have suggested starting with the Power of Pancakes episode (#82). Did Val just insult D-mo? A stinging insult to boot. I mean, are we witnessing some marital strife? Yes, D-mo has his manias, but he may have to go play the blues on his harmonica after this verbose episode of Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: iHeartSolidCat
Solid Cat is now on iHeartRadio! You smell that? Smells like legitimacy. It was Harry Potter's birthday and he's now 35. We have four words for you: Ethel. Merman. Disco. Album. Coyotes are chasing people up trees, maybe. Val once got D-mo an axe for their anniversary. Armadillos are dangerous critters. Behold the 360-degree beer can. We Booze Review some flavored vodka in the Space Cowboy Kitchen. Sexytime with D-mo & Val returns we three new bits. We have a double Paws Up. And we talk about beef on weck and other western New York culinary treats. This was a jam-packed Solid Cat. Of course it was.

Solid Cat: RIP Larry
Solid Cat returns, but with a heavy hear as it's our first show since the passing of the Space Cowboy's dad. "Sorry for your loss" sounds kinda awkward. The Nissan Altima was rented and is highly recommended. Hooray for the big guy who is biking across the country to lose weight. If you're wondering, that's the neighbor's dog at the 20 minute mark. Criss Angel: hero? There are now male life-like sex dolls; "gym dick" is optional. A fresh Ten Things, plus another Six Things. Let's talk about Old Fort Niagara. Chuckwagon racing; where have you been all my life? Want to farm in a National Park, the government has a deal for you. For Paws Up, we salute one of the good guys. Blazing Saddles features heavily at the end of the show, someone will probably be offended, and D-mo makes Voldemort a verb (and it totally works). Up and down and everywhere in between, Solid Cat is back, baby!

Solid Cat: Social Commentary Soapbox
Solid Cat is back, and right off the bat, let's talk about gay marriage. If you a confused Christian, just know this: it's ok for gays to marry, and religion is not dead, though some are acting like it is. Just listen to us to get some clarity. Let's also talk about the Confederate States of America, where we ask, "Why fly the flag of a losing country that only lasted four years?" From social commentary, we switch to bat guano, women on money, and we feature the first ever Solid Cat Community Calendar. At parties, D-mo and Val are awesomely catty. One guy has saved the lives of two million babies, and rightfully gets this week's Paws Up. And lastly, we learn that D-mo's brain is like the Library of Congress, the world's largest library... after someone has taken a wrecking ball to it. That's the life-force behind Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: In the Car
You wanted Solid Cat, so we're giving you one on the commute home. The word you're looking for is "certified," not "circumcised." It's not illegal to sell golden tickets to heaven, unless you say they're solid gold and they're just painted pieces of wood, that Jesus gave you behind a KFC; and don't forget your baby alligator. FIFA is rife with corruption and their app is lacking in Women's World Cup coverage. As we're driving, see if you can hear where the road improves. D-mo is back in Assassin's Creed mode. The Solid Cat couch is awesome and therapeutic. Since we got home faster than planned, we're now recording from the driveway. We dropped a Kentucky Fried Movie reference (you didn't misread that). Godzilla is now a citizen of Japan. And the Danger Diva hijacks the credits and wails like a banshee. Why not... it's Solid Cat.

Solid Cat: The Art of JMW Turner
This week's Solid Cat is high on culture as D-mo and Val explored the exhibit of the work of J.M.W. Turner (allegedly Britain's most famous painter) that just concluded at the Getty Center. In the art talk, we critique and praise Turner's work, while also learning that Val digs Degas, and D-mo is all about Rubens. You can't talk about art without talking about Ninja Turtles. We look at passion vs. talent, and wrap that bit up with the nightclub at the museum. Elsewhere in this episode, Discovery Channel proves they can troll like a boss, D-mo's chair is extra noisy tonight, and what the hell happened to Neville F'ing Longbottom. England seems to have a hard time keeping track of their dead kings. Ireland earns our Paws Up! Val hates food bloggers, but LOVES a shirtless Thor, and dropped a mysterious Welsh accent. And we end with the question as old as time... who doesn't love fucking donuts? Wait, that's not what I mean.

Solid Cat: Queen of Scots
To start Solid Cat, Val has a giant platypus on her head. Which invariably leads to a discussion about hats at the Kentucky Derby. We have a couple of corrections to make for last week's show. D-mo is in the Another Damn Trivia Show tournament final. Val has an unnatural obsession with Mary, Queen of Scots, which invariably leads to D-mo spending a full 9 minutes talking about politics in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, which invariably leads to Ten Things about VE Day. OtterBoxes are not otterproof. Buy what's left of the Las Vegas Riveria. How to eat cupcakes nowadays. Fun facts about boobs, with a Norma Stitz reference. Big Bird made us cry, a high school boy is promoting feminine hygiene, and D-mo & Val finally saw Iron Man 3... two years later. Sometimes we're timely, sometimes we're not. Standard Solid Cat.

Solid Cat: Boy Bands
It may the best episode of Solid Cat, and we're all over the map. First, D-mo is baffled by Hinduism. Religion takes us to outlet malls. It was Kentucky Derby day, and despite eugenics (or animal husbandry), horses haven't gotten any faster. The Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was a bit of a snoozer, but the Burger King was there (?). When there is rain in L.A., people panic. We love the Columbia Sportswear Company. We have a sudden Paul Bunyan debate, which leads into the surprising aerodynamics of microfiber cloths. We revisit the tale of the clumsy whore. Val gets up close and personal with a duck, and it wasn't her choice. There are exotic dancers and Chinese funerals. A hologram of Stephen Hawking leads to an ungodly amount of time discussing boy bands. For instance, Rollermania was a legit thing. Mr. Goodbar is featured in the Space Cowboy Kitchen. Clash of the Titans has a ridiculousness too far. Ten Things with Val looks at how our ancestors were mighty perverts. D-mo and Val continue to take credit for Francis' selection as Pope. And D-mo mildly embarrasses a friend, because he can... and it's a fun story (he's a bastard like that). You might want to schedule a larger than usual block of time to enjoy this week's Solid Cat!

Solid Cat: Ass Beads and Hand Jobs
There are some episodes of Solid Cat, where we are cultured and refined. Other times, we're quite crass. No surprises what kind of episode this is. We go from banned underwear to the world's widest tongues to hand jobs while singing karaoke to teabagging to dick pics to ass beads. But first, D-mo gets handed a stranger's baby. You should watch out for the Hand of the Almighty. Speaking of God, we salute the Padres, a priest on the Titanic, and talk about how Edmonton may be hell... albeit a frozen hell. And for kicks, soccer in the Thunderdome. 22 men enter, 11 leave. I'm not sure what to make of this week's episode, but as Val puts it, "it wasn't me, it was the foreskin." Wait, what? Oh, Solid Cat.

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