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From Solid Cat: InuYasha Spoilers
SODA REVIEW: Hansen's Natural Pomegranate Soda
Perhaps a little healthier than regular soda.

Val's Take:
Super fruity, super light. It has a flavor I can't identify, but not quite pomegranate (maybe grapefruit?). I really like it. It's exactly what I hoped for when I picked it up.

D-mo's Take:
Goes down real smooth, and super easy to drink. It's light and refreshing and doesn't feel harsh like some other carbonated sodas. I can't say it tastes like pomegranate though; if you were expecting a flavor similar to that of a Pom Wonderful drink, you're going to be a little disappointed. Taken on it's own, this soda is very good.

Review Verdict: (on a scale of 1-4 bubbles)

From Solid Cat: Feel-Good-A-Palooza
CHOCOLATE REVIEW: Chuao Chocolatier - Potato Chip
Val's been eyeballing this for weeks at Starbucks and finally pulled the trigger.

Val's Take:
You can taste the chip, but the oily part, not the good potatoey part of the chip. Might be better with a non-kettle chip. The chocolate is very creamy, and the chip is very crunchy so it blends nicely, but I wish it was more a Lay's type of chip.

D-mo's Take:
Reminded me of the Hershey's with Corn Crisps they had a few years ago. Think of a much saltier Nestle Crunch bar. It's on the path to being a very good bar, but it doesn't get there. I like it, but not at $7 a pop.

Review Verdict: (on a scale of 1-4 Hershey Kisses)

Space Cowboy Kitchen BONUS
BOOZE REVIEW: ACE Pineapple Hard Cider
D-mo saw this, and since he loves pineapples, decided to take a chance on it.

Val's Take:
Smells good right off the bat, and amazingly, it's not crazy sweet. It's a blend of pineapple and apple juice, and it tastes like a green apple juice. It's like a delicious shandy, but way better.

D-mo's Take:
It's like drinking Pineapple Fanta (or Inka Kola). Super easy to drink; maybe too easy. Bring a six pack of these bottles to a party, you'll become the hit of said party. Dare I say, a "must buy."

Review Verdict: (on a scale of 1-4 shots)

Another perfect score in the Kitchen. If you want to find a store that sells it near you, visit their website at:

From Solid Cat: Tentacle Kitty
PANCAKE REVIEW: Du-par's Buttermilk Pancakes
At the L.A. Farmers' Market, considered the best pancakes in town, nay, the country.

Val's Take:
Best straight-up pancake experience I've ever had. It is the quintessential pancake flavor. The liquified butter is where it's at. I only did the short stack and it was perfect.

D-mo's Take:
Ridiculously light and fluffy. Had the full stack and I didn't feel weighed down in my gut. Very delicious. Best ever? Could be.

Review Verdict: (on a scale of 1-4 flapjacks)

From Solid Cat: 2016 Winter Premiere
BOOZE REVIEW: Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen
A shandy-like brew we discovered at Oktoberfest

Val's Take:
Smells like a regular beer, and that first taste is beer right off the bat, but then it disappears and you get like a grapefruit candy. Sweet like that, but not as harsh or bitter of a real grapefruit. Burps nice.

D-mo's Take:
Someone took a nice hefeweizen and dumped a can of Squirt in it (but minus that tanginess). It is very easy to drink, and is smooth going down. Be warned, a little hard to find, but totally worth the hunt for it.

Review Verdict: (on a scale of 1-4 shots)

one of the few items to get a perfect score in the Kitchen. If you want to find a store that sells it near you, visit their website at:

From Solid Cat: Potato Chips
CHIP REVIEW: Lay's 2015 Taste of America
We tried all four flavors and we're going to rank this year's finalists.

#4: Greektown Gyros. At best, just tastes like lamb. At worst, tastes like it should be any number of other things, but doesn't really nail it. Regrettably, not even close to a fun gyro flavor.

#3: Truffle Fries. Tasted just like a fancier version of a Sour Cream & Onion. A very favorable chip, but nothing wow-worthy.

#2: Southern Biscuits and Gravy. This tastes like a biscuit. You can almost taste the smattering of flour usually on top of a biscuit. The gravy is very subtle, but starts to come on strong after you've had a couple. A very good flavor.

#1 New York Rueben. Sweet mother of pearl. This chip tastes exactly like a Reuben sandwich. In fact, if you close your eyes, and eat it, your brain will think you're having a real sandwich until you bite down and crunch the chip. Which could be a bad thing, as it'll just make want a reuben even more. Flavor-wise, they nailed it. And if you love Ruebens, this is the chip for you.

Vote for your favorite at, but the New York Rueben is getting our vote.

From Solid Cat: iHeartSolidCat
BOOZE REVIEW: Smirnoff Cinna-Swirl Twist Flavored Vodka
A sweet treat-infused vodka.

Val's Take:
Hitting the front of the tongue, the flavor is nice; at the back of the tongue, not so much. The back end tastes like funky frosting... actually, it tastes like butter at the end. Straight up, not a fan. Might be fun mixed in a coffee or something, though.

D-mo's Take:
Smells absolutely delightful. Tastes like advertised, but finishes with that vodka burn which really doesn't jive as much as I would have liked. Not too bad, but nothing to recommend. A very paradoxical drink. Maybe that's why it was on the clearance shelf at the market.

Review Verdict: (on a scale of 1-4 shots)
1 1/2 SHOTS

From Solid Cat: Tickle Cock Bridge
The chocolate classic

Val's Take:
Standard Hershey chocolate, with excessive amount of peanuts. Has perfect amount of peanuts, and the peanuts themselves are very good.

D-mo's Take:
Think of chocolate-covered peanuts... in a bar form. It feels like the chocolate is there to hold the peanuts together.

Review Verdict: (on a scale of 1-4 Hershey Kisses)
3 1/2 KISSES

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